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The Claims Behind The War
"We must act to save thousands of innocent men, women and children from
humanitarian catastrophe, from death, barbarism and ethnic cleansing by a
brutal dictatorship."
– British Prime Minister Tony Blair, March 22.

"We have no other choice but to deploy the means that we have prepared. We
will do that, and we will do it as long as it takes for the Yugoslav
president to return to the basis of humane conduct and international law."
– German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, March 22.

"By the time the snows fall next winter, there will be genocide documented
on a large scale in Kosovo."
– U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, D-Del., March 22, on Fox television.

"It's time for action, time to make a decision. And I hope it's done very
quickly. Otherwise, [Milosevic's] going to amass more troops and you're
going to have another massacre. What we have in Kosovo and what [we] had in
Bosnia was genocide, and that's why I think we should intervene."
– retired U.S. Senator Bob Dole, March 22, on NBC’s Meet the Press.

"Now, what we are trying to do is to limit his ability to win a military
victory and engage in ethnic cleansing and slaughter innocent people and to
do everything we can to induce him to take this peace agreement, which is
the only way in the wide world over the long run he's going to be able to
keep Kosovo as an independent part of his country – or an autonomous part of
his country."
– U.S. President Bill Clinton, March 23.

"Our objective is to prevent more human suffering, more repression, more
violence against the civilian population of Kosovo…. We must stop an
authoritarian regime from repressing its people in Europe at the end of the
20th century. We have a moral duty to do so. The responsibility is on our
shoulders and we will fulfill it."
– then-NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, March 23.

"We've learned that – over the 20th century – that instability in Europe,
and fighting and ethnic conflict has, in fact, brought the Americans in –
American soldiers in – twice at great cost, and that we have an opportunity
to do something now, to stop massacre and fighting before it spreads – and
beyond the national boundaries."
– U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, March 23, on CNN.

''It suggests that an ethnic cleansing operation is underway…. Let's
register indications that dark things are happening, even if we are not able
to quantify it.''
– NATO spokesman Jamie Shea, March 27.

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