In Defense of Elian's Rescue: a response to Barry Schier

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon May 1 02:33:44 MDT 2000

>The difference is that you're not dealing within one state, even a
>multinational one, but within the framework of the international multi-state
>imperialist system. Recognizing this difference does not, however, exhaust
>the issue. Under the specific combination of circumstances that presented
>themselves in East Timor, I though it correct to support the demand of the
>East Timorese independence movement for a U.N. force to displace the
>Indonesian occupation.

Jose I have the greatest respect for you and I have followed your posts on
Elian and the latest one on the SWP with the greatest of interest.  But you
will not in any way listen to what we have to say about the Australian Army
going into East Timor.  That has been an un mitigated disaster for the Left
here.  Read my latest column and you will get some idea of the tide of
pro-militarism that is feeding of the Australian intervention in East Timor.

The DSP has been disastrous around this question and Brett's little snipe
at me is just a sign that we on the non-DSP Left have been able to point
out the folly of their screaming "Send the Troops in" and stupidly claiming
they had forced the Liberal Party of Australia to send troops abroad.



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