China Reportedly Notified US On Its Intention to Use Force to Reunite Taiwan

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el 30 Apr 00, a las 21:48, Henry C.K. Liu dijo:

> A Hong Kong Chinese language newspaper (Ming Pao) reports that China has
> notified the US of its intention to use military force to reunite Taiwan
> if the inauguration speech of the new Taiwan president, Chen Shu-bian,
> scheduled for May 20, fails to incorporate an officialacceptance of the
> "one China" principle to reject any moves toward independence.
> The report states that the PLA is prepared for the eventuality of US
> forces intereventing in the conflict over Taiwan.  Anti-US sentiment
> from the bombing of the Chinese embassy has not subsided as the
> anniversarry of the incident approaches.

"El que avisa no es traidor" (If you disclose your intentions you are
not a traitor) is a common Argentinian saying. It applies.

The bombing to the Embassy at Belgrade may in the end become a
blessing. _They_ do stupid things, too.

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