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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon May 1 07:21:02 MDT 2000

>orthodoxy, just after he had written World Revolution. I feel sure  that
>within the socialist movement, Cannon, Shachtman, and Abern were better
>as Trotskyists, but James was their leader best known to the public at large
>during that period.
>Ken Lawrence

Ken, this is such sterile bullshit. If you put half as much effort into
explaining why CLR James was an important figure and forgot about his
detractors, including Sol, this list would benefit greatly. You can not
assume that all the people who are new to Marxism have read CLR James.
Although I enjoy reading your full-tilt polemics against Zizek, I have a
feeling that you lack enthusiasm for promoting a vision of what you believe
in. The reason I have been scanning in material from the American Socialist
is to promote a vision of what I think the US left should be about. This
includes Carl Braden's or Al Moundt's reportage on the civil rights
movement or Harry Braverman's economic analysis. This is the kind of
magazine that the left needs today, IMHO.

Meanwhile, for somebody who has shared living quarters with CLR James and
who has been an activist in the organization launched by Carl Braden, you
seem to have very little appetite for informing us about what your
experiences were like or why they should be emulated.

Stop worrying about what other people say and defend your own vision of
what kind of left is needed. Sorry if that sounds boring, but it is what
would benefit Marxism, IMHO.

Louis Proyect

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