China Reportedly Notified US On Its Intention to Use Force to Reunite Taiwan

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Mon May 1 10:42:12 MDT 2000

They have the resources for this invasion but they will probably not do it
because of the international crises it will cause.

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>Reunite Taiwan
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>     This report seems so outlandishly extraordinary that I'm forced to ask
>whether it could possibly be accurate.
>     What it would take to reunify Taiwan by force would not just be
>missiles, unless these were nuclear, but a massive sea/air invasion. I
>discount the use of nuclear weapons in these circumstances, it would be a
>political blunder of such colossal magnitude that I can't imagine the
>Chinese leadership considering this for a second.
>     As for an invasion, does the PLA have this capacity? Not just troop
>transports, but escort vessels, etc. etc. I assume the Taiwanese have shore
>defenses and that one must assume stiff resistance and very heavy
>on the PLA side. Also, this assumes that China can establish control of the
>strait and of the air very quickly. That's not a realistic proposition if
>the U.S. intervenes on Taiwan's side, is it? And the U.S. almost certainly
>would, and very quickly as it has tremendous amounts of military assets in
>the region.
>     Also, does China have the sea and air lift capability to supply an
>in the field?
>     As to completely destroying an opponent's military capability with
>conventional air and rocketry, I think all experience shows that, assuming
>Taiwan has an o.k. military, this is almost certainly unlikely to happen in
>24 days, never mind 24 hours. I should think that at most China could
>a few hundred missiles in that time.
>     And if the idea is that a "spanking" would make Taiwan yield, I think
>that's an extremely iffy proposition.
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>Subject: China Reportedly Notified US On Its Intention to Use Force to
>Reunite Taiwan
> > A Hong Kong Chinese language newspaper (Ming Pao) reports that China has
> > notified the US of its intention to use military force to reunite Taiwan
> > if the inauguration speech of the new Taiwan president, Chen Shu-bian,
> > scheduled for May 20, fails to incorporate an officialacceptance of the
> > "one China" principle to reject any moves toward independence.
> > The report states that the PLA is prepared for the eventuality of US
> > forces intereventing in the conflict over Taiwan.  Anti-US sentiment
> > from the bombing of the Chinese embassy has not subsided as the
> > anniversarry of the incident approaches.
> >
> > The PLA is confident that its missiles can neutralize all military
> > capabiities on Taiwan within 24 hours. The concern is with US
> > intervention which will prolong the conflict and incur high cost.  PLA
> > officials are reported to be fully prepared for the contingency.
> >
> > Henry C.K. Liu
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