1st. May

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Mon May 1 10:59:08 MDT 2000

In my country the bourgeois parties had the nerver to march and our
socialistik parti had invited many of the right wing parties to march with
them, which all turned down, and at the same time the leader for the
socialistik parti forbade all members to march with the former left parti
communists (now left parti) since it still were communist in the parti and
since the youth section is openly communistik.

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>Subject: 1st. May
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>Dear comrades
>In my country it is just three in the morning of  the international day of
>A warm hug for all the friends and comrades who mantain the conviction in a
>future in the hands of the workers and the poor of the earth.
>Viva la clase obrera y los pueblos en lucha por su liberación.
>Viva el Primero de Mayo.
>Julio F.B.
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