IV May ediition

Jim Monaghan jbm7 at SPAMtutor.open.ac.uk
Mon May 1 11:36:21 MDT 2000

>From Jim Monaghan

Dear comrades,
Here is the plan for issue no 321 for May (should go to the publishers
16th May) - apologies for the delay!

1. Spanish state:
Jaime Pastor on the electoral victory of the right
'Troglo' on the situation in the Basque country

2. Russia:
Jan Malewski on Putin's election

3. Serbia:
'Before a new war' by Radoslav Pavlovic

4. Australia
John Tully on the Australian left

5. Senegal
Biram Bakari on the recent presidential elections

7. Nicaragua
An interview with V.N. de Escorcia on the crisis in the FSLN

8. Peru
An interview with Hugo Blanco and a declaration by the Peruvian peasant

9. The death of Tony Cliff -  some memoirs by British revolutionaries

10. The Philippines - an article on the renewal of hostilities in Mindanao

11. Pakistan - a report on the Labour Party congress by Salah Jaber

12. The release of General Pinochet - an article by B. Skanthakumar

13.  Canada - Raghu Krishnan on current constitutional developments

14.  United States - an article on the A16 mobilisation in Washington DC.

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