Doug Henwood/Mark Jones exchange (from LBO-Talk)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon May 1 13:11:39 MDT 2000

>>> Les Schaffer <godzilla at> 05/01/00 02:03PM >>>
Mark Jones said:

> Bolshevik distrust of intellectuals (engineers, scientists) was born
> then as well as earlier; Stalin solved the problem of the _trahison
> des clercs_ in his well-known way.

can someone clarify for me what the position of the scientists and
engineers was during the time of the Russian Revolution, during the
period Mark speaks of? I don't know enough history to understand the
relationship sci/eng'ers had with the revolution.


CB: The famous psychologist Pavlov was there in part of that period. Rapid
industrialization would have been impossible without lots of engineers functioning


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