Vietnam teach-in

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Mon May 1 14:15:57 MDT 2000

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Despite the ignorance about Vietnam and what we did to it, there are
> hopeful signs as indicated by protests in Seattle and Washington that
> Chomsky embraced fully. He says that the 70 percent of Americans who think
> the war was immoral or wrong  This presents a problem for the
> powers-that-be. If there is a new Vietnam, it will be much more difficult
> to manage public opinion.

  Another lesson of Vietnam was that ruling class USA will not  engage
in direct fashion in imperialist adventures where they are certain the
enemy can and will fight back. They prefer to hire mercenaries according
to the
principle "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Public opinion against
such direct overseas imperialist adventures is another reason US troops
were not sent to fight in Afghanistan or Nicaragua. Sometimes it is
uncertain if the enemy can fight back like in Somalia.

  The hiring of mercenaries to fight imperialist battles has come home
to roost, with former US patrons Usama bin Laden and the Afghan holy
warriors the root cause behind the brutal Islamic insurgencies in Egypt,
Algeria, Central Asia, Kashmir,Philippines (Mindanao),Palestine-Israel,
Jordan, S.Africa and
the USA
itself among many other places. Former US patrons in these countries
have carried brutal  massacres and destruction which the people and
economies (e.g. Egypt's tourist industry) of these countries will never
recover. Further, former US mercenaries now carry out the drug&arms
the "Golden Triangle" and "Golden Crescent". Way to go guys! Just wait
until the Taliban fully takes over the Pakistani military. Then we will
have some real anti-communists on our hands!

Sam Pawlett

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