National Post Distribution Shut Down

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Mon May 1 10:29:07 MDT 2000

(Forwarded from Tony Tracy)

Dozens of trade unionists & community activists assembled at the printing
and distribution plant for the BC print-run of the National Post from
8:30pm Sunday until 6:30am on the morning of Monday, May 1st and stopped
all movement of papers out of the plant, effectively stopping distribution
of the paper throughout British Columbia for May Day.

The activists and unionists, citing the near-media-monopoly of Conrad
Black's empire, as well as the treatment of striking unionized workers at
the Calgary Herald newspaper, chanted and sang throughout the night as
they stopped all trucks going in or out of the distribution plant. The
National Post was unsuccesful at obtaining, serving, and enforcing an
injunction to prevent the community picket, and demonstrators ensured that
not a single paper left the Annacis Island plant (located just outside of

With over 60,000 copies of the Post sitting undistributed and unread on
the loading docks of the printing and distribution site, May Day in
British Columbia will be one fewer day where Conrad Black's right-wing rag
appears on newstands throughout the province.

Activists left the National Post blockade to attend this morning's May Day
rally, march & festivities, which begin at 10:00am at Victory Square in

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