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I've been asked to post this. The pamphlet is an interesting personal
account of a piece of hidden history.


A friend who has been writing his memoirs has asked me to advertise his
recently published pamphlet. "Saigon in '45:  in Vietnam with the

Please could people circulate the following to any political mailing
lists to which they subscribe?

Much appreciated, Farah

"SAIGON '45' by Phil Kaiserman

"The author  of this pamphlet has spent all his adult
life in the Labour Movement. On his retirement he
helped found and became Chairman of Bury Pensioners
Association. This pamphlet is a record of his
experiences in Vietnam where he served in a Royal Air
Force Servicing Commando Unit from October 1945 to
February 1946.
He is firmly of the opinion as a result of his time in
Saigon, that blame for the horrendous War inflicted on
the people of that beautiful country, must be laid at
the door of the 1945 Labour Government.
That Waffen SS troops were used by the
French in their attempt re-impose colonialism on the
Vietnamese people is not widely known."

£1 plus 30p P&P.All proceeds to
Bury Pensioners Association.

Cheques (£1.30 per copy) to Bury Pensioners Association, c/o 22
Road, Reading, RG1 5PT.
Contact Farah at

Ken MacLeod

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