Philip L Ferguson plf13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon May 1 16:40:56 MDT 2000

Jose, I usually enjoy your posts on this subject, and I don't want to rain
on your parade here, but when you say

> Since the SWP and the Militant have a certain following and authority
>among a broader layer of activists,

I think you are rather astray.

I took a look at the last few Militants on their web-site and found their
subscription goal interesting.  It gives an indication of their real
influence among broader layers.  They can't even sell cheap, short-term
subs to more than a few hundred people in the US, never mind win "a certain
following and authority among a broader layer of activists".

You are using a wrecking ball to swat a termite.

Still, I have to admit always getting a bit of a kick out of your posts on
the Barnesite crazies, so don't let this brief comment of mine hold you
back.  While this is a serious list, I think a little light relief is good
from time to time and lord knows there are plenty of crazies on the left to
provide material for such relief.

For my own part, I find the Barnesites' increasingly catastrophist views -
fascism and world war around the corner - rather reminiscent of the
Healyites in their time of dementia, except that the Healyites were much
bigger and more successful.  In fact, hasn't Barnes been saying WW3 is
imminent for about the past 12-15 years?  (I seem to recall the cover of an
issue of New International saying something like this back in the late
80s.)  Even madder than their claim that the ANC was leading a 'national
democratic revolution' in South Africa, but about on par with their claim
that the US lost the Cold War and that there is  a workers state in the
north-east area of Germany today.


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