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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #403
                                May 3, 2000
                          Australia's radical weekly
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week: KOSOVA ONE YEAR LATER

The destruction wrought by NATO and Belgrade in Kosova has left a legacy of
chaos that only Kosovar self-rule can end.


 * KOSOVA: One year later


 * ZIMBABWE: MDC, farm workers Mugabe's real target
 * Editorial: Zimbabwe crisis exposes refugee hypocrisy
 * UNITED STATES: Elian's rescue a blow to `Miami Mafia'
 * UNITED STATES: Protests begin to clarify anti-globalisation debates
 * PAKISTAN: Labour Party congress a historic moment
 * 'Let us correct the history of West Papua'
 * International news briefs: Tunisia; Iraq
 * RUSSIA: `Pinochet' Putin attacks workers' rights
 * RUSSIA: Down with the new code of slavery!
 * Solidarity with Russian workers
 * EAST TIMOR: Workers confront discrimination, poor conditions
 * PHILIPPINES: Moro human rights appeal
 * UNITED STATES: A new spirit in labour
 * NIGERIA: Violence erupts as Shell begins operations
 * SRI LANKA: Unity in opposition to war
 * INDONESIA: Political prisoners record their experiences
 * RUSSIA: Supreme Court upholds Nikitin acquittal


 * The Meaning of May Day
 * The movement against the Vietnam War


 * Conference to plan anti-corporate action
 * Campaign targets Nike
 * Members First challenges Caird to repay money
 * Kakadu destruction `world's best practice'
 * Police attack Joy Mining picket
 * Cuba tour in Che's footsteps
 * Adelaide bus services go private
 * Alcoa workers locked out
 * Maritime College locks out academics
 * Coober Pedy says no to radioactive waste dump
 * Action updates
 * Right wing defeated at Melbourne University
 * ACI backs down on lockout
 * Live cattle trade blocked
 * ALP machine dumps MPs
 * Red flags fly in Canberra


 * Perth a city for cars
 * Herald joins anti-teacher union©bashing
 * Networker: M-commerce


 * Boys Don't Cry: The tragedy of intolerance


 * and ain't i a woman: The talking cure
 * Loose cannons
 * Looking out: Without my ID
 * Life of Riley: Winston and Kimbo: just for you!
 * On the box
 * Write on: Letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon

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