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    The SWP still has the ear of many, many hundreds or more of the few
thousand who joined the movement in the 1960s or 1970s. Moreover, given the
narrowness of the left in many areas, they are themselves, with one or two
dozen activists, a significant force. They have great influence in Cuba
coalitions and committees. That is true in my city, and in at least a couple
of others that I know of.

    Thus, for example, an ex-SWPer who follows the party line organized and
politically dominates the delegation of 15 students from Los Angeles who
went to the OCLAE conference in Cuba recently. At their report-back meeting
the other night, this person gave an introduction to the meeting denouncing
Elian's rescue along the lines of the Militant articles. And of the students
who'd been to Cuba, none spoke about the Elian campaign there.

    Moreover, given how the entire bourgeoisie whitewashed the Miami mafia
throughout the five-month-long ordeal, such a vigorous enforcement action
genuinely shocked and dismayed many well meaning people, who did not know
the reasons why such a militaristic operation was needed, at least if one is
to err on the side of caution, and thus the SWP's argument that this is all
a ruling class plot to strengthen/prettify the INS and the raid proves it
tends to coincide with their own quite correct instinctive distrust of
anything of this type done by the Clintonites.


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> Jose, I usually enjoy your posts on this subject, and I don't want to rain
> on your parade here, but when you say
> > Since the SWP and the Militant have a certain following and authority
> >among a broader layer of activists,
> I think you are rather astray.
> I took a look at the last few Militants on their web-site and found their
> subscription goal interesting.  It gives an indication of their real
> influence among broader layers.  They can't even sell cheap, short-term
> subs to more than a few hundred people in the US, never mind win "a
> following and authority among a broader layer of activists".
> You are using a wrecking ball to swat a termite.

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