China Reportedly Notified US On Its Intention to Use Force to Reunite Taiwan

Alan Bradley alanb at
Tue May 2 04:50:22 MDT 2000

> From: "Jose G. Perez"
> Well, my gut tells me this is an adventure, unless people are REALLY SURE
> the Taiwan army won't fight. If they do, a dispersed, disorganized PLA
> force will be very vulnerable to a Taiwanese army with okay
> communications and mobility.

It would be completely insane to assume that the Taiwanese army wouldn't

> If China launches such an attack, it will be presented in American media
> as an unprovoked invasion of an issue that's been pending for a half
> century and there was no reason to resolve now, and I think that line
> will convince the big majority of the population.

It would be interesting to see what Australia would do.  Sections of the
Australian state apparatus might want to support the US, but I suspect that
their bosses might be less keen.  This would give us a chance to get the
working class into action.

Australian capital is more dependent on "stability" in Asia than US
capital.  It can't afford to get China offside, any more than it can afford
to really alienate Indonesia.  On the other hand, the habits of imperial
alliance are hard to break.

In any case, this is probably just an exercise in sabre-rattling.

Alan Bradley
alanb at

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