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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMGMX.NET
Tue May 2 05:31:52 MDT 2000

Macdonald Stainsby quoted THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
> BERLIN -- Far-right demonstrators rallied against immigrants and radical
> leftists clashed with police in Europe and Asia today, overshadowing
> international labor's traditional May Day celebrations.
> In Germany, a nationalist fringe party staged rallies in several cities,
> largest one in Berlin. There, about 900 far-right youths with signs
> demanding "work for Germans first" listened to speakers demanding the
> expulsion of foreigners.
> About 100 leftists blowing whistles and chanting "Nazis out!" gathered
> the rally. The groups were kept apart by 1,500 police officers. Police
> spokesman Michael Kokert said 140 leftists were arrested or detained
> citywide.

The idiocy of the foreign press in action: 100 protesters and and 140
arrests according to AP. Obviously the person does not know what he is
talking about.

Just a little bit on the background: The Nazis were allowed by court to have
a manifestation (but no march, I am not sure whether the English word rally
maeans a march) in Berlin-Hellersdorf. Any anti-fascist mobilisation was
outlawed there. Thats the reality in Germany in 2000.

>From what I gather from the Internet editions of the Berlin local papers.
Any left-winger trying to protest in Hellersdorf was immedieately arrested.
A few Nazis were arrested for beeing armed (which is illegal at a public
meeting). Thats how the number of 140 arrests makes any sense. But all those
arrests occured during the day in Hellersdorf alone (so the word citywide is
totally misleading). According to police sources there were 2500 (instead of
1500) police in Hellersdorf alone.

But the report is much more misleading: At the same time there was some sort
of cultural event/concert in protest at some distance to the Nazi
manifestation. Reports on the numbers of visitors vary from a few hundred
visitors up to tenthousand. So this puts the numerical relations of racists
and those ones opposed to the fascist NPD into some relation. But it obvious
the AP just wants to create the picture of a loony left clashing with Nazi
thugs and the impartial police in between.

In other parts there were the main union manifestation and the Revolutionary
May Day demonstration as well. Last night police clashed with demonstrators.
There were a lot of injured and arrests. In all there were 6500 police in


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