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> >>> "Ulhas Joglekar" <ulhasj at> 04/29/00 11:59PM >>>
> Further, a world war today would be a nuclear war and would involve
> destruction of humanity. Socialism today has nothing to gain from a
> world war.
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> CB: Henry said "foreign war" not world war.

Yes, but let us accept that a China - USA conflict may well derail
and become world and nuclear. The question, however, is whether we
are decided to accept the blackmail "Capitalism or atom blasting of
the Earth".  Two very different people, such as Vladimir Bilenkin and
Mark Jones, have proposed, on different moments, that we socialists
should not balk at the possibility of revolutionary war, even of
"revolutionary thermonuclear war" (these were, if I am not recalling
wrongly, the words by Mark Jones).

I am not speaking in vain. We Argentinians have had to think on these
things quite recently. During the Malvinas battles, Meg Thatcher is
said to have played with the idea of H-bombing Córdoba, the second
largest city of Argentina (with 1,5 million people). In my case,
things are twice as vivid because I have family in Córdoba.

If we socialists had been in power then, should we have stopped our
war effort? Fidel has an answer: "They may annihilate us, but they
will not defeat us".

One should not try to get annihilated, but if presented with the
option, one should stand boldly on one's own feet.

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