The Pope

John Edmundson JWE21 at
Tue May 2 22:00:05 MDT 2000

I get a little concerned when I see communists as much as catholics
hanging on the Pope's every word. It makes me wonder if people have
forgotten just how rabidly anti-communist he actually is. In the
relative comfort of industrial quiescence it is easy for the Pope to
pick up on concerns about issues like globalisation but until I hear
him calling the faithful out to strike for a shorter working week,
women's right to abortion and the appropriation of the globalised
economy by the international working class, I'll be taking him as
seriously as I always have. ie: "Who is this medieval obscurantist in
the funny hat?" Meanwhile, I'm with Il Manifesto when they say
"the pope's reincarnation as a labour leader beggared belief.
"The pope has appropriated the workers' festival,"
"Will he perhaps sing the 'Red Flag'?"
John Edmundson

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