The Pope, the international debt and the 1st. of May

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Tue May 2 11:16:07 MDT 2000

>From my window, when I'm writing these lines I can see a poster signed by
CGT - Hugo Moyano. In it, on side of a portrait of the Pope, John Paul II,
with all the attributes of his spiritual power - mitral, the pastors big
stick and blessing with his right hand - a text that says: "He also believes
that wild capitalism chokes the life of the peoples". Ant then, the most
interesting: "Because we the workers think the same, we go to the general
strike next 5th of May".
I read in the newspaper of today about the only two massive meetings in this
1st of May: the one in thethe Place of the Revolution, with Fidel Castro,
Marti, Che Guevara and 500.000 compatriots; the other in the University of
Tor Vergata, south of Rome, with 100.000 person from all the world and where
one could see red flags and portraits of Che Guevara.
In the same newspaper I read the statement of the bishop of Rosario - the
former industrial big city of Argentina and today a pitiful prostrated
megalopolis of miserable, hungrier, mendicant, cats eater, unemployed people
from all the provinces of North East - that is the most intensive critique
to the state of things.
He stated that the "globalization has created  interdependencies  that
dehumanize  the economy" and we are suffering them "very severely in this
moment of economical neoliberalism".

The Bishop Eduardo Miras remembered what it is happening in the Big Rosario,
where "a lot of industries have closed by their impossibility of confronting
in analogue conditions with the monopols".  (...) "Richedom has became in
the cause of poverish. In order to the less people increase their power, the
economic programs have decided to take away from the most people, who result
excluded from the system. (...) "For them that are government nothing would
be more important than equity, what means not only the repulse of the
external preassures that are intolerable for people, but the equitative
distribution of charges and incomes".

My closed friends know my opinion and feelings about religion, churches,
priests and popes. It uses be a motiv of joking with Nestor. Educated in a
religious school and university, I know really what it means. But beyond my
atheist conviction (and other questions as, for instance, abortion) is
obvious that the paper that the Catholic Church is playing just now against
the imperialist  hegemony, at least in its ethical aspects, is very
important and would be analized in the list.

Of course I know that the appeal to the Pope means in the poster of CGT
mentioned above expresses an attempt to avoid the neccesary socialist tasks
that the movement must propose. But I have allways thought that the
ideological questions can't hide the real, concrete struggle. If in the name
of Pope our workers go to a political general strike I am, I promise you
Nestor, able to "ir a misa e hincarme a rezar" (go to mess and knee to pray)
as tango Malevaje says.

Julio FB

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