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>Two very different people, such as Vladimir Bilenkin and
> Mark Jones, have proposed, on different moments, that we socialists
> should not balk at the possibility of revolutionary war, even of
> "revolutionary thermonuclear war" (these were, if I am not recalling
> wrongly, the words by Mark Jones).

Bilenkin has become something of a
Russian-White-Nationalist-from-Central-Casting. He is an avid Putinite,
altho Putin of course is simply a low-level kgb officer patronised by
Berezovsky & other oligarch puppet masters. He is not a heavyweight, putting
it mildly, and he is not and will not be his own man. Since these oligarchs
are all in fact the clients of US imperialism, and have no social or
political basis in Russia where thery are all despised, Russia remains a
comprador-bourgeois neocolonial subject state. Using Russian nationalism to
further the destruction of the USSR (and now of Russia itself) has been a
successful CIA ploy; their first stooge was Vladimir Zhirinovsky. At that
time, 1991-3, Yeltsin, it should be remembered, was nobody's man; the US was
obliged to cultivate him and use him as best it could. Putin is better
material since he is their creature ab initio. Now the US does not run the
Kremlin by proxy, it runs it period. Bilenkin is one of Putin's more
ludicrous supporters.

On nuclear war, it seems clear judging by the seriousness of current US
attempts to revise the 1972 ABM treaty and to put in place missile defence
systems, that some people at least still regard the use of this and other
means of mass destruction as possible (altho there is an interesting piece
in this weeks NYRB on the fantasy-land occupied by US strategic planners, so
the fact that the pentagon thinks it's so don't necssarily make it so). It
is generally acknowledged that Royal Navy submarines operating in
Argentinian waters during the Malvinas war, were nuclear armed. Thatcher was
not prepared to lose that war *under any circumstances*.

Mark Jones

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