A Classroom Exercise

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Here is a classroom exercise for teachers or anyone to use (Answer to
follow) in another message:

1) Select a number n from 1 to 10; n = 1-10     Got it?

2) Multiply that number by 9 or   n x 9  =  number xy   Got it?

3) add numbers x + y = Z  Got it?

4) From number Z subtract 5 or  Z - 5 = P   Got it?

5) Convert the number P to a letter equivalent in the English alphabet (e.g.
1 = A, 2 =B etc)

6) Think of a country whose name starts with the letter equivalent of P
Got it?

7)  Think of  the last letter of the name of the country and think of an
animal name that starts with that letter

Got it?

Answer to follow in another message

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