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Koala (sp?) Bear?

The nation has to start with D, and Denmark is the only D I can
think of without checking an Atlas.


Thanks for playing, the common answer is Kangaroo; about 98% of people who
do this exercise think of Denmark and about 94% think of K as corresponding
to Kangaroo.
Of course there is Dubai, Dominican Republic, Djibouti, Dominica and for the
letter K, there is Koala Bear, Krait, etc.

This is an exercise in cultural conditioning.

Of course you will always arrive at the letter D since any number between 1
and 10 when multiplied by 9 will yield a two-digit number whose individal
numbers when added lead to 9 and then minus 5 will yield 4 or the letter
equivalent D.

Jim Craven

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