The Suicide of New Left Review (posted by Doug Henwood to LBO-Talk)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed May 3 14:16:34 MDT 2000

>Where will Doug get published in future? I have an old roneo machine I could
>lease him.
>Mark Jones

But given Doug's drift, wouldn't the NLR be just the kind of place that
he'd find eager to print his articles? Truth to tell, Doug has never
written an article incorporating his new politics, not even in LBO. It's
mostly semiconscious bleats, not worthy of print. Frankly, I don't think
that Doug could "write" prose like Zizek, Bourdieu or Butler if his life
depended on it.

Doug, of course, is an expression of the hopelessness conveyed by Perry
Anderson's piece. His crusade on behalf of the execrable Zizek would even
make him more comfortable with this crowd. On the other hand, he seems
genuinely excited by the Seattle and Washington protests, neither of which
somebody like Perry Anderson, who lectures in the department run by Robert
Brenner at UCLA, would have bothered with.

I think Doug is a classic example of the middle-class intellectual who is
attracted to the workers movement, but not part of it. Like the leaves on
the tree, they tremble in the wind from the east or the west. The wind has
been blowing from the west for 25 years now, but there are signs that
things are changing. That is why he walks the tightrope between Zizek and
Seattle. (Too many metaphors? Shoot me.)

Louis Proyect

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