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>Dear Louis,
>Thank you for your comments on the teachin/celebration.  First, 2
>corrections.  The event was organized by a coalition of many groups of
>which the CoC was but one.  Others included the War Resisters League,
>December 12th Movement, Workers World, Fuerza de la Revolucion, Vieques
>Committee, Fellowship of Reconciliation, etc.
>Second, when I unsubscribed to your list, I don't think I said anything
>about it being not useful.  Some of it was, but I couldn't deal with the
>amount of daily postings, given the amount of time I have for email
>reading, what with a full time job and activist schedule.
>In terms of the event, I missed most of the teachin because I was running
>around problem solving, but I do think we emphasized, over and over again,
>the real cost of the war to the Vietnamese people in terms of death,
>disabling and destruction of the country.  In fact, we launched a campaign
>to force the U.S. government to meet its responsibility to the Vietnamese
>people by massively funding agent orange treatment, care and funding in
>In terms of criticisms of Vietnam about the impact of the market economy on
>workers, etc., we didn't envision the day as a place to discuss these
>issues; particularly since the coalition organizing the event was not
>united on the issue of socialism.
>The solidarity movement with Vietnam has raised many issues related to
>worker's empowerment, NIKE, etc. with comrades in Vietnam with an aim, as
>you suggest, to strenthen the forces (and they are many) who stand for the
>goals of the revolution and socialism, even in a difficult period where
>many concessions are made.
>For those who want to honor the spirit of the revolution in Vietnam, there
>is a condolence book for Pham Van Dong (the recently deceased former prime
>minister of Vietnam and colleague of Ho Chi Minh) at the Vietnamese Mission
>to the UN, 866 UN Plaza, Room 435, tomorrow (Thursday) from 12:00 to 3:00
>pm and on Friday from 11:00 to 3:00 pm.

Louis Proyect
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