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I thought your readers might be interested in this:

After the collapse of the R.S.F.S.R., the population of Russia has
catastrophically reversed course, from steady increase to enormous
decline. From the Socialist period of 1985 - 1990, there had been 2.3
million births and 1.5 million deaths per year, with a total population
increase (including immigrants) of more than 1 million people every
year. This period was the highest growth rate since 1965 -- from 1950 to
1990 the average total population increase of the Russian Socialist
Republic was 1.15 million people.

After the overthrow of Socialism, from the period of 1990 - 1995 there
were 1.5 million births per year and 1.9 million deaths per year: the
total population of Russia fell by 40,000 people every year. Today the
population of Russia is 146 million people (a decrease of 1.6 million
since 1990), and is catastrophically falling: by the year 2050 Russia's
population could be as low as 102 million people; a decline of
one-third. Such an event is unparalleled in human history.

Data from: United Nations report on 21 March, 2000: <a
Migration</a> (ESA/P/WP.160)


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his, the proletarian's, human task is to work 14 hours a day, the
proletarian is quite justified in replying in the same language that,
on the contrary, his task is to overthrow the entire bourgeois system.

                      --- Marx and Engels in a critique of German Ideology

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