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[I suspect that comrades understand that Walter Lippmann, who is an
ex-SWP'er with views similar to my own, has been acting as a one-man
mailing list on the Elian Gonzalez affair. He just sent me a copy of a
letter that was sent to the Militant objecting to their editorial. It will
be interesting to see if they print it or Karen Wald's. I suspect that they
will, since they are so absolutely convinced of their superior "communist"

From: Nino P. <pagli at>
To: TheMilitant at
Sent: May 3, 2000 1:30 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor of The Militant

Re: The Militant Vol. 64/No.18   May 8(sic), 2000 INS
assault in Miami strikes blow to the working class In
defense of the Cuban revolution, in defense of the working
class! >

Dear Editor:

I fail to understand which Cuban Revolution you are
defending. The Cuban people, i.e. working class Cubans, from
Fidel Castro to the last worker, have massively applauded
the rescue of Elian Gonzalez. The May 1 celebration in
Havana should be a clue for you. Are you suggesting that 11
million Cubans have wrongly sided with the "U.S. ruling
class"? Strange concept!!!!

I would rather think that the "U.S. ruling class" has
rightly sided (for once) with the claims of the Cuban
working class and Cuban Revolution!

Where do you get the mandate to speak in the name of
communists and the Cuban workers? Have you spoken to any
Cubans before printing such a 'defense'?

Your attitude is similar to that of the supporters of the
Helms-Burton Law when they speak in the name of phantom
Cubans claimimg human rights, free speech and democracy. But
your attitude is more dangerous because you pretend to speak
in the name of the Cuban Revolution.

Thank you for reminding me where you stand politically.
Thank you for reminding me that maybe, to better serve your
cause, I should ask the U.S. Justice Department not to
intervene if Steve Clark or any Militant writers ever get

Nino Pagliccia

Louis Proyect

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