News from Austria

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Thu May 4 08:04:40 MDT 2000

Dear Comrades -

the lack of informations on the Austrian situation was not due to a lack of
interest, but due to a change of my provider. Protests still are going on,
but we are now preparing for longer struggles. I will send a longer account
to this list within the next days, based on my report to the annual
conference of Arbeitsgruppe Marximsus (, if You dón´t
see it as an attempt to send "party material" to this list.

In any way: I want to stress that it is alway delighting for me to read the
postings here, and even in cases I do not share opinions which are
propagated here - I think, this list is excellent in its way of bringing
together all shades of marxist thought. And - late, but not too late, I
hope: Tjanks to Louis Proyect who maintains the flag of honest discussion!

Regards from Vienna - we will go on!


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