News from Austria

Kurt Lhotzky kurt.lhotzky at
Thu May 4 09:07:54 MDT 2000

Dear Louis,

thanks for Your immediate response. I thin Your idea is graeat.
Nevertheleless, I want to add some personal comments:

As a member of the AGM, my personal opinions are the same as the positions
of my group. I think, this could cause problems, because I think, this list
ist first of all a place for individual comrades to discuss. I do not intend
in any way to interfere with this aim (wich is rather important, I think).
But I do not want to cause any trouble at all by defending organizational

In any way: If You think I can contribute to Your work, I am more than
willng to do so - internationalisms is mor than a line in the chorus of "the
Internationale", I think. If You can live with my "partisan approach" and my
poor English - I am ready to participate!

Yours, in deepest solidarity

(and I hope I do not need to stress that  a l l  comrades from this list who
come to visit Vienna are welcome, will find a place to sleep and a good
Austrian dish [without any nationlaist connaotation])!


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