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Thu May 4 09:24:09 MDT 2000

Todo Puerto Rico Con Vieques
Mayaguez Committee

The arrests  or removals happened this morning  at the 15 civil disobedience
camps on Vieques starting at 5:15 local time.  There was no violence.  More
than 300 people were arrested.  Among these people  Protest leaders Ismale
Guadalupe and sons, Carlos Zenon and sons, Carlos Ventura, Robert Rabin and
Nilda Medina, US Rep. Luis Gutierrez, US Rep. Nydia Velazquez, Catholic
Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio, Metodist Biship Juan Viera, the president of
the Puerto Rican Indepedence Party Ruben Berrios Martinez, the vice
of the Puerto Rican Independence Party Fernando Martin, Island Senators
Gonzalez, Carlos Vizcarrondo, Antonio Fas Alzamora,  the mayor of two island
municipalities, more than 20 Catholic religious persons, more than thirty
Protestant Church leaders more than 20 fishermen.

People on the island of Vieques are now demonstrating in the main plaza of
the small island town of Isabel 2.

People all over Puerto Rico have started demonstrating pacifically.  This
morning at 11 am we will have a demonstration at the Parque de los Proceres
in Mayaguez.  There is an all day demonstration in front of the gates of
Buchannan in San Juan.  Tonight at 7 pm. there is a demonstation at the
del Quinto Centenario in San Juan.

We are proud of our people.  They have given us a lesson in peaceful civil
disobedience.  Please help us by joining the nearest peaceful demonstration
in favor of Vieques in your area.

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