VIRUS ALERT-- (Do NOT open email with "I Love You" in subject

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Thu May 4 09:50:03 MDT 2000

May 4, 2000

'I Love You' E-Mail Virus Attacks
Computer Systems World-Wide

Dow Jones Newswires

HONG KONG -- A computer virus spread by e-mail messages bearing the
title "I Love You" spread through Asian businesses Thursday
afternoon, and appeared to be quickly tainting computer systems

If the attachment holding the virus is opened, the virus apparently
multiplies by finding other e-mail addresses and prompting the
computer to generate new e-mail. Victims sometimes receive dozens of
e-mail messages, all contaminated with the virus.

The virus, which appeared in Hong Kong late Thursday afternoon,
seemed to particularly hit, among other businesses, public relations
firms and investment banks. Dow Jones and the Asian Wall Street
Journal offices in Asia were among its victims.

In Hong Kong, Nomura International Ltd. is receiving the e-mail
virus, an analyst said. The virus has created a lot of damage in
Nomura's London office, he said. "It just multiplies through the
system and eradicates whole address books," the analyst said.

Simon Flint, currency strategist at Bank of America in Singapore,
said he has received e-mail messages warning him of the virus but
hasn't received the actual virus.

Louis Proyect

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