1st. May

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I have not.

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>Thank you  comrade for your e-mail on the 1st of May - International
>Day. From which country are you? Have you got information on your current
>situation which you could send us? Have you received your 1st of May
>leaflet? If not let us know.
>Marxist Workers School - Johannesburg
>South Africa
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>In my country the bourgeois parties had the nerver to march and our
>socialistik parti had invited many of the right wing parties to march with
>them, which all turned down, and at the same time the leader for the
>socialistik parti forbade all members to march with the former left parti
>communists (now left parti) since it still were communist in the parti and
>since the youth section is openly communistik.
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> >Subject: 1st. May
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> >
> >Dear comrades
> >In my country it is just three in the morning of  the international day
> >workers.
> >A warm hug for all the friends and comrades who mantain the conviction in
> >future in the hands of the workers and the poor of the earth.
> >Viva la clase obrera y los pueblos en lucha por su liberación.
> >Viva el Primero de Mayo.
> >Julio F.B.
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