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Thu May 4 17:54:02 MDT 2000

Great, Lou.
Count with me in what I could be useful.
Other issues:
Struggle of MTS in Brazil
Fight for water in Cochabamba

Julio FB

> What a coincidence! I was going to make a point about Yoshie's struggle,
> while I had Kurt's reports in the back of my mind. I am kicking around the
> idea of launching a journal associated with the list that would feature
> on-the-spot reports and analysis from around the world, including--most
> importantly--photos. If you want to get an idea of what I have in mind,
> take a look at Doug Henwood's reports from Seattle
> (
> Here are some of the types of things I'd like to see included:
> --the strike at OSU
> --anti-Haider protests
> --Argentina labor movement, with interview with Moyano
> --Ken Livingstone election campaign (interview?)
> --Interview with Makah leaders about most recent whale hunt and ecofascist
> opposition
> --Fight against anti-immigrant movement in Spain
> --etc.
> Clearly we already have skilled writers/Marxist analysts at our disposal.
> All we need is a bit of an infrastructure to process and package this
> information. I believe that such a journal could be of enormous benefit to
> the revolutionary movement. No rush to move on this, but it's something
> that I hope we can launch before the end of the year. Volunteers/editors
> should contact me privately.
> Louis Proyect
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