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Thu May 4 20:31:03 MDT 2000

The following is from the Canadian SWP branch plant, the Communist
League. I attended a CL meeting a few weeks ago, a public meeting held
at the end of their national convention and attended by several SWP
people and observers from Communist Leagues around the world. The
Canadian party is adopting the US SWP and especialy Young Socialist move
to "deepen the turn to industry'" and there was a report from a YS guy
on his comrades efforts to get jobs in mining. Basically they got a few
people from two or three existing branches together in a van and they
travelled around the country until they could find work at which point
they established a branch. The Canadians are going to do something
similar and get in a car and travel around western Canada until they
find a suitable city to establish a new branch (or minibranch). In order
to pay for this the CL is downsizing their existing offices in Canada.
Whether this means that any of the existing Pathfinder bookstores will
actually close (they will all at least be moving to more modest
quarters) remains to be seen.


The Militant Labor Forum presents...

INS Assault in Miami - Blow to Working Class
Defend the Cuban Revolution,
Defend the Rights of the Working Class!

In the early hours of April 22, the Clinton administration unleashed 151
INS  agents and 20 U.S. marshals in a brutal attack against the
democratic rights of the working class when they forcibly removed the
six-year old Elián  González from the home of his great uncle. Some 53
INS agents surrounded the  two-bedroom house, threatening a crowd
gathered outside and roughing up a  number of people.

· This action was another step in the efforts by the U.S. rulers to
strengthen the powers of the police while restricting the political
for the exercise of democratic rights. It was part of a calculated
to win approval for repressive raids by the Immigration and
Service (INS) cops, one of the most hated police forces that carry out
such  raids routinely against immigrant workers. The government played
on the  support of most of the U.S. population for the rightful  demand
that Elian  Gonzalez be returned to his father.

· This action is part of the escalation of police violence in the last
years and goes hand in hand with the sharpening inter-imperialist
and U.S. military aggression throughout the world. They do at home what
they  do abroad. Immediately following the Miami raid, the U.S.
government  announced it would use U.S. Marshals and other police
agencies to clear  protesters on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques who
have been opposing  Pentagon use of the island.

· The U.S. government was in charge of the Elian Gonzalez case from the
beginning, using it to slander the Cuban revolution, and using the
right-wing section of Cuban immigrants in Miami only as their tool.

Come and discuss these and other questions.

Friday  May 5  7:30 pm
at the Pathfinder Bookstore
For further information 416-533-4324
851 Bloor Street West  (near Ossington subway)

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