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Thu May 4 21:09:07 MDT 2000

Look's like Blair's boy got thumped.

>'Oh my God! They've elected Kenny!'  Thus runs the headline of The
>Sun's early edition -- accompanied by a picture of Livingstone's face
>stuck into the trademark orange anorak of South Park's Kenny.  :)
>It's been a good day.  Looks like Londoners have elected Ken
>Livingstone for Mayor of London by a rather handy margin.  (Second
>place, Steve Norris - Conservative; third place, Frank Dobson - 'New'
>Labour; fourth place, Susan Kramer - Liberal Democrat.)   Good.   A
>socialist in office.  (And one who will, amongst other things, fight
>the Government's proposals to privatise the Tubes.)
>So much for Blair's rigging of the Labour nomination against Red Ken.
>I hate to be a bad winner -- but i guess i just can't resist:  'ha ha
>As I write this, however, note that the vote count is *not* official,
>and we don't seem to know what's happened in the London Assembly
>Unfortunately, we do know what happened in the local council
>elections all over England:  the Tories have served up a rather
>whopping defeat to Labour.  On the plus-ish side, though:  in the one
>parliamentary by-election, the Liberal Democrats look set to beat the
>Tories in a relatively safe Tory seat.
>And, most interestingly, in Hounslow (London suburb) a number of
>people have taken it upon themselves to write-in candidates (for
>which there's no provision in English law or on English ballots).
>According to Sky News, Homer Simpson has seems to have done
>surprisingly well!  Go figure . . .
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