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Thu May 4 21:58:19 MDT 2000

> And this article doesn't
> even get into the fact that the life expectancy of male citizens
> of the ex-USSR has gone down almost five years in the
> last decade[...]

> Jack A. Smith

Five? I'd come across from twelve to twenty. Genocide by economics. I tend
to stray away from the massive, blood drenched invective that we Communists
use often, but in this case it is the only one appropriate. Come to think of
it, this is the sort of reason that I cannot take groups that say there was
a "revolution" in 1991, or that "state capitalism" was "just as bad, if not
worse" (or those that deny the demise all together), seriously at all. It
just doesn't take the destruction of the people of the ex-USSR seriously.

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