Communist League/SWP and Elian

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri May 5 02:11:39 MDT 2000

> The following is from the Canadian SWP branch plant, the Communist
> League.


> The Canadians are going to do something
> similar and get in a car and travel around western Canada until they
> find a suitable city to establish a new branch (or minibranch). In order
> to pay for this the CL is downsizing their existing offices in Canada.
> Whether this means that any of the existing Pathfinder bookstores will
> actually close (they will all at least be moving to more modest
> quarters) remains to be seen.
> Andy

You know, their bookstore is the only radical one in Vancouver I will not go
into. They don't let you shop...the thing is there as a bait and switch
manouever to try and recruit people. Like trying to go into a church just
for the free meal. Several times a couple of years ago, I entered the store
to browse around (and the prices they put on the stuff they pulled from
Progress Publishers before it got pulped is something else all together) and
was immediately harrassed about my views on whatever book I was holding. I
answered and got lectured on the content of the book the first couple of
times, tried to just keep looking... but it wasn't to be. I was literally
followed around the damn shop. I suspect that the cadre are told to do that
shit, it was almost like getting into an argument with the Sparts. I don't
go in there anymore, thank goodness there are a couple of other radical
bookstores in Vancouver.


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