The Zizek article that Tariq Ali rejected

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Fri May 5 08:02:50 MDT 2000

[I've only heard about this article, but have never seen it. Tariq Ali is
the editor of a collection of articles on the war in Kosovo titled "Masters
of the Universe: NATO's Balkan Crusade", from which Zizek's piece "AGAINST
THE DOUBLE BLACKMAIL" was rejected. It really says something about how bad
the article must have been, given Tariq Ali's wishy-washy position. This
paragraph should give you a flavor of Zizek's obnoxious war-mongering posture:

>>The atmosphere in Belgrade is, at least for the time being, carnivalesque
in a faked way - when they are not in shelters, people dance to rock or
ethnic music on the streets, under the motto "With music against bombs!",
playing the role of the defying heroes (since they know that NATO does not
really bomb civilian targets). Although it may fascinate some confused
pseudo-Leftists, this obscene carnivalization of the social life is
effectively the other, public, face of ethnic cleansing: while in Belgrade
people defiantly dance on the streets, three hundred kilometers to the
South, a genocide of African proportions is taking place.<<

The complete article is at

Louis Proyect

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