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Fri May 5 08:24:47 MDT 2000

Dear Friends,

Some principled, active people have asked to be relieved of hearing about
the problems in Japan, to the extent that I took a whole week to think
about it and didn't send till the May Day just now.

If we are going to get out of this mess, if we don't accept the future the
biggest of big money has planned for us, we have to face the whole thing
across the spectrum, of the world we live in and us in it.  Our whole
history as a nation, with notable exceptions, has been that the principled
and constructive people try to do something constructive in their field and
let the predators, the imperialists who want more of everything, run it,
living well within and on the crumbs from the table of what the predators
picked up.

This has reached the point where it's us against the world - the elites of
all countries having been picked up with pay-offs and made part of the
team, which leaves the overwhelming majority of people to be controlled and
kept down.  In our own country, when persuasion, the media, TV, etc. fails,
we use armored police, chemicals, water, the jails,but the army is ready
with the heavy stuff if it gets serious and the nuclear shield is ready for
populations far enough away and concentrated enough, and to keep the allies
in line.

In Japan they figured out what was wrong with the colossal Soviet attempt,
which did, as Reed said, "shake the world".  Even when the combination of
circumstances put power in your hands, you can't do it from on top, issuing
orders, though they did prove you can defend a nation and run an economy
witrhout capitalists.  The people have to change from the capitalist ethic
of every man for himself to helping each other and take the responsibility
themselves.  And this change can take place through practical activity,
working together to better the situation, so it is going to take much time,
but will help even when it gets started.

In Japan they have been working at this with the main lines of what to do
all agreed, for 40 years now and it is beginning  to take hold.  It calls
for restoring the country's independence, condemning and eliminating their
own native imperialism, replacing monopoly control of government with
genuine people's sovereignty, and putting the banks and big ccorporations
under democratic control, with a foreign policy of peace and friendship
with all nations.

This conflicts with the present plans of our government, which practically
all Americans, up to now, support to the extent of making no objections.
 These plans, already in an advanced stage, are: re-militarization, going
as far as the feudal fascism of the past, with deification of the emperor
and an army ready to kill and shed blood wherever pointed, since Americans
have proved allergic to body bags of THEIR sons coming home;  preparation
of the archipelago as an unsinkable aircraft carrier and striking base
against all Asia, and even Europe if necessary.  It has reached as far as
Iraq already.  The details are readily available.

The July Okinawa Summit is to be some kind of a dress rehearsal for the
client states, whipped into line by the Yugoslav operation, to give their
signatures.  It looks foolproof if you believe people don't count.  So far,
those Americans in position to know, prefer not to think about it, while
the people as a whole have been protected from any such information.  My
life as a worker in the U.S. - 45 years, from 1931 to 1976 -before becoming
an expatriate, convinced me that the people are all right, and will make
good decisions, by and large, if they get the chance.

Despite all that has happened to them - Hiroshima to McArthur and after -
the peace-loving majority in Japan must have some similar faith, since they
continue the great labor of translating all their thinking, plans and
activities into so difficult and different a language as English and
sending it out.

So I, in a similar stubborn belief that reasonable solutions will somewhere
find reasonable people, will continue sending news as I encounter it - it
is truly an advance over throwing bottles with notes in the ocean - and if
more of you wnat to be relieved of it I will respect your wishes.

John Manning

Louis Proyect

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