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>From the snippet of the Zizek article which Louis posted re people in

> Although it may fascinate some confused
>pseudo-Leftists, this obscene carnivalization of the social life is
>effectively the other, public, face of ethnic cleansing: while in Belgrade
>people defiantly dance on the streets, three hundred kilometers to the
>South, a genocide of African proportions is taking place.

I agree with Lou that it does "give you a flavor of Zizek's obnoxious
war-mongering posture".  But also isn't it just plain racist?

When Zizek says 'a genocide of African proportions', I assume for instance
he is not talking about colonial powers' murders of Africans, but Africans
supposedly committing 'genocide' on each other.  Why say 'a genocide of
African proportions'?  Call me an old-fashioned anti-imperialist, but when
I hear the word genocide, I tend to connect it with 'European proportions'.

Apparently, for Zizek however, these uncivilised people of the Third World
- Africans and their eastern European equivalent, the Serbs - are just
genocidal maniacs and thank god we have civilised Nato, so civilised in
fact that it apparently doesn't even bomb civilian targets.

Is this guy for real?

Also, I think some kind of left-wing fatwa should be declared on these
people who bandy around the term 'genocide'.

I don't doubt that *some* Serbs butchered *some* Kosovars and *some*
Bosnian Muslims and probably some other people.  Some Kosovars and some
Bosnian Muslims and some Croats have also butchered some Serbs.  None of
this has anything whatsoever to do with *genocide*, a term which refers to
a deliberate attempt to wipe out an entire people.

Philip Ferguson

Louis Proyect
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