Zimbabwe to follow Cuban Model?

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Sat May 6 09:15:14 MDT 2000

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el 6 May 00, a las 0:50, Patrick Bond dijo:

> > From:          "Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky" <gorojovsky at inea.com.ar>
> > > In a final attack on whites and "sell-outs'', President Mugabe
> > > added that "in this little world of Zimbabwe we are our own
> > > redeemers''. To an explosion of cheers and chanting, he said:
> > > "Britain says it will take 20,000 people. They are free to go. We
> > > can even assist them by showing them the exit.''
> > These are heavy words. Mugabe cannot ignore that he will not be
> > allowed to step back.
> Yes he can, comrade Nestor. As he has many times before. Mugabe's bad
> nationalism includes some anti-imperialism; so what, so did that of
> Ferdinand Marcos.

But Mugabe and Marcos got to power on quite different circumstances
and with quite different support. This does not preclude that you may
be right in your harsh rejection of Mugabe. When I read your mail, I
recalled Perón announcing that "five of their camp will die for each
one of ours that dies", after a bomb blast at the exit of a Buenos
Aires subway station on June 1955. The result was that nothing
happened in fact, and that in three months the government was
overthrown. So that I should have thought it twice before I sent my

[A fitting aside:

The guy who put the bomb was a then young student of Engineering,
acting in the Radical Party. Time passed by, and this boy became a
mainstream Radical politician. He became Minister of Public Works
with Raúl Alfonsín in 1983, and died shortly after. Then, his name
was imposed on a new subway station that was built by those times.
Ironies of destiny, the station was to be called General Savio (the
military who promoted our steelworks during the early and mid 40s),
and was named Ministro Carranza. For Radicals, it is more reasonable
to honor the bomber of dozens of innocent civilians than to honor the
promoter of Argentinian steel. And keep in mind Alfonsín was the
"left" of the Radical Party!]

All in all, however, I still believe that _if_ (and yes, this is a
strong condition) Mugabe sees himself carried on by the events and he
actually expels white settlers from Zimbabwe, then this step will be
a very serious one. Don't you feel this is true, dear Patrick?

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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