M-TH: London Election - Left in a mess

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at SPAMvirgin.net
Sat May 6 09:48:45 MDT 2000

 The London Assembly elections demonstrate the sectarian daftness of some
sections of the left. Here was the opportunity for a solid left-wing slate to
expose New Labour's capitalist programme and bureaucratic shenanigans. So what
happens? Various left-wing groups ally in the London Socialist Alliance -- good.
A group of militants stand separately under the Campaign Against Tube
Privatisation, whose demands were part of the LSA's programme. The Communist
Party of Britain, a bit of the old Communist Party of Great Britain, stands
separately, as does Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party, now a bizarre sect
around Scargill and a bunch of Stalin worshippers. The left vote was split so
that a good campaigning body, the LSA, lost votes to a limited campaign body and
two moribund organisations. Brilliant!   Paul F  

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