Muzsik and Bela Bartok

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Sat May 6 14:34:35 MDT 2000

Louis wrote that:

"Generally, the classical music world is trying to find a way to re-connect to the
deeper humanitarian spirit that inspired Bartok. This shows up most clearly in the
work of Eastern European composers like the Pole Henryk Górecki whose work is
unabashedly romantic and melodic. Or the Estonian Arvo Pärt, whose work--like
inspiration in native folk themes."

I could not agree more. Unfortunately, to read the NY Times, you wouldn't know this.
The New York Times Arts writers seem entirely ignorant of these composers, and
continue to put out all kinds of nonsense about the new relevance of serialism.
Gorecki and Part, after all, enjoy a popular following, so how could they be _good_?
(The same applies to the Finnish composer Rautavaraa, and other Estonians besides Part
--- Erkki-Sven Tuur and others). This, anyway, is the reasoning of the NY Times

I don't just want to put up a "me-too" post, but thanks for suggesting the
alternatives Louis, and showing some possible links with socialist praxis.


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