Ken Livingstone Shows His True Colours

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat May 6 15:08:42 MDT 2000

> No sooner had Ken Livingstone been elected to be the Mayor of London when he
> announced that he has invited London Assembly member and New Labourite Nicky
> Gavron to be the Deputy Mayor of London. Gavron is part of the management
> team at University College Hospital that has been carrying out disciplinary
> action against Candy Unwin, a London Socialist Alliance candidate for the
> London Assembly! Is this a taste of what we can expect from him?
> Paul F

I think Livingstone's rabid support for Nato's war against Yugoslavia
that he was a problematic candidate to say the least. In many ways, he reminds
me of our own "socialist" in Congress, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who makes
endless speeches about the need to uplift the American worker but votes to
Yugoslav workers to kingdom come.

Louis Proyect
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