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Sat May 6 15:37:07 MDT 2000

In Norway there are a big strike in almost all industries. This is due to
the BIG salaries the bosses have and the low the workers have. Great part of
the society are in strike to help the workers achieve their goal. This
results in that many industries in Sweden will have to close down their
production during the strike since their are in need of goods supplied by
Norway. This reminds me of the part in The Communistic Manifest were Marx
wrote that the bourgeoise rule would be overthrown sooner or later by trade
crisis, but I hardly think this will be the result of this great strike.
There are also a strike in Finland were the harbour workers have demands.
This will slow down the production in many places since it are from these
harbours very much resources are transported from by sea.
This also relate to Marx writing even doe as I stated above I do not think
that the capitalism will be overthrown by this.

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