Ken Livingstone Shows His True Colours

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Sat May 6 16:40:09 MDT 2000

Ken Livingstone shows his true colours?! If you already knew what a rat he was
then why did you call on us to vote for him?  It was your "London Socialist
Alliance" which was out there loudly campaigning for Ken "Luftwaffe"
Livingstone. Can't grumble now you are reaping what you sowed.    The Socialist
Labour Party called for no vote to Livingstone or any other capitalist
candidate, and for this the L.S.A condenmed us as "sectarian". Our honesty
towards our class may not have won us quite as many votes as the L.S.A's
oppurtunistic posture, but at least our principles are intact.   James Tait.

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No sooner had Ken Livingstone been elected to be the Mayor of London when he
announced that he has invited London Assembly member and New Labourite Nicky
Gavron to be the Deputy Mayor of London. Gavron is part of the management team
at University College Hospital that has been carrying out disciplinary action
against Candy Unwin, a London Socialist Alliance candidate for the London
Assembly! Is this a taste of what we can expect from him?   Paul F

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