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<< My participation in the discussion on C.L.R. James began when an Email from

Jones referred to James as a great Trotskyist leader and I disputed this

claim by Jones.   Ken Lawrence claimed a  contrary position and went back to

the days of the Socialist Appeal to establish James's qualifications to be

called a leader.  But he is talking about 1938 and I have reference to three

or four decades later.  By the same Lawrence yardstick Albert Goldman, Felix

Morrow, Max Schachtman and James Burnham were also great leaders.  At one

time they were leaders of the Trotskyist movement.  All took a different

political direction and the same applies to James. >>

It is a huge mistake to put Burnham in this catagory.  Brunham was
momentarily in the socialist movement and never, I repeat never, a leader of
the Trotskyist movement.  James was a genuine leader and educator.  He left
under the pressure of the 1950's.  His writings while in the SWP and his
discussions with Trotsky were invaluable to me when I worked with Malcolm X
and his supporters in the 1960's.

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