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One of the points I was trying to make (sorry to maunder) was that both Ken
and I were using the healyites for our own purposes. He wanted a paper and
they gave him one; I wanted to get published and not in the Morning Star
(altho they did run a few of my less pro-soviet pieces, work that one out).
I suppose i am the only "stalinist" to have been actively promoted as a
journalist by Gerry Healey's rabid troops, who mostly and quite literally
slavered at the mouth at anything which had a tincture of "stalinism", ie
anything which affected a faintly rational view of history. They were and
are objectively to the right of The Times, Tony Blair or MI5. I suppose i
should be proud of having taken the piss out of them so heroically but i
despised them so totally that i never got any pleasure from pulling their
legs. neither did ken, i'm sure. That no doubt is why i admire him, and not
only me admires him for this same reason. Half London does too. Of course,
people wil never vote for the idiocy of the Trots, or of the stalinoidal
ones either.

Mark Jones
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