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 I expected more from Carrol Cox who suggests the defense of Black
nationalism but refuses to deal with the Miami Cuban nationalism, the Viet
Namese nationalism that attacked a member of their community for over a week
for having a picture of Ho Chi Minh in a store . We understand the
reactionary nationalism of the Cubans and the Viet Namese but the
nationalism of the Chicanos in California has an undertone of reactionary
positions.  They have used the unity of race to organize several thousand
workers and that is the positive side of nationalism.  May I remind Carrol
that the Jews who belonged to the Bund believed in Socialism. and yet Lenin
rejected their membership in the RSDP.

The hostility of Black nationalists who believe that Black unity can solve
all of their problems is a wrong position.  Their refusal to join with the
left of the Socialist movement springs from a nationalism that must be
fought.  The Drum in Detroit had the Black union forces,  that united with
the whites, could have taken over the union.  They preferred to fight alone
and the union bureaucracy united the whites against the Blacks.  Another
example of divide and rule.

The Black Panthers are the best example of ultra-left Black nationalists
destroying the Peace and Freedom Party in California.  They had help from
ultra-left Trotskyists who still hadn't learned the lessons of the Civil
Rights movement.

Under our leadership in Detroit, the leading Black unionists united to take
over unions but they did it in concert with progressive  whites.  Unity is a
far better policy than the division by race.
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Sol Dollinger wrote:

 Trotsky's support of Johnson's position in 1939  was at a time when we had
 little or no experience with Afro Ameicans.

I'm not sure what Sol actually intends by this wording -- but I find
it offensive: "we" hadn't had enough experience with "those people"???
This kind of statement is in itself sufficient defense of the necessity of
organizations such as the Black Radical Congress.


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