Zimbabwe to follow Cuban Model?

Patrick Bond pbond at SPAMwn.apc.org
Sun May 7 01:29:25 MDT 2000

> Could Patrick Bond give list members details of his book, and whether it is
>available in Britain (or anywhere else). It certainly looks interesting.
> Paul F

Very kind of you for that opening, Paul. Uneven Zimbabwe is
advertised at amazon.com (with online kudos from marxist reviewers!)
and http://www.africanworld.com. Actually I'll bring some copies
along to the Africa Centre in Covent Garden on May 22, where I'll be
launching a similar critique of South Africa (*Elite Transition: From
Apartheid to Neoliberalism in South Africa* from Pluto Press). The
much more important reason to come to our launch is that I think
we're going to get a chance to screen "Two Trevors go to Washington,"
an absolutely hilarious political documentary about last month's
World Bank/IMF protests. I'll put some details up about the SA book
during the week if I get a sense that Louis won't bite my head off
for an admitted selfpromotional academic pathology.
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