white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Sun May 7 08:01:56 MDT 2000

I know very little about Zimbawe internal affairs. At least in its details.
But the article that Patrick Bond sent to the list reminded the prose of our
"gorillas" in 1955 and 1976 describing the state of things during the last
days of Peron's and Isabel's governments respectively or, if you want,
"momios" prose weeks before the fall of Salvador Allende in Chile, with its
quotes of Isaiah and Luther King (or anyone other who can play a
"progressive" paper.

Julio FB

> That's what I'm going to say after adding this information, but it's
> of general interest, perhaps. It comes from the white liberal/neolib
> faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (the key
> opposition party now scaring Mugabe into vicious intimidation
> tactics, a party led by the ex-trade unionist, self-described
> "social democrat" Morgan Tsvangirai, but strongly influenced by
> white business at this early stage in its development).

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